The Tiger Necklace

In a forest there is a ferocious tiger with a diamond necklace, who can take it off? Cristóbal Jodorowsky took thirty years to solve this koan - a paradoxical question, irresolvable from the rational mind - that his father raised him as a child. To find the answer, he had to return to his father's house after spending time with the intention of experimenting on himself and his family the principles of psychomagy and psycho-shamanism, which had been his spiritual and pedagogical nourishment since the earliest childhood. Through incredible stories, magical encounters and large doses of surrealism, Cristóbal invites us to accompany him on a fascinating journey through the most amazing beings of his unusual biography. Through the pages of this amazing book we will see magicians, shamans, monks and other novel characters parading the author the spiritual teachings that have helped him become one of the most original contemporary shamans.

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- Only spanish version -