Psychomagia is the therapeutic technique, initiated by Alejandro Jodorowsky, who combines shamanism, folk magic, psychology,, mysticism, Oriental philosophy, art, intuition with a healing purpose. The Psychomagia is a healing practice that acts through the symbol, the metaphor and beauty, essentially with the language of dreams. When leaving to consider the unconscious dimension as an enemy and lose fear to see oneself, one can discover the traumas that cause suffering. However, even if one knows what is happening to them and why, they do not It is completely free of pain. Psychomagia does not pretend - like the psychoanalysis - healing through the word turning the messages that sends the unconscious dimension in a rational discourse, but teach the rational to handle unconscious language.

The processes of our brain are more symbolic and analogical than logical. For this one, a photograph not only represents the person portrayed, but which is herself. Consider a part as the whole, project the people that populate his memory about real beings or things. In psychomagia you are propose to the consultant concrete actions, perform a symbolic act that, somehow, it will restore your memory and allow you to do what unrealizable.

However, to ensure that the act gives an optimal result, the consultant before he must free himself from the morality imposed by his family, his society and his culture. If you do this you can, for example, without fear, paste a photograph of your father on two watermelons and can blow them up. Its dimension unconscious will take for granted the murder and castration. The consultant You will feel more free like this. What frightens us loses strength in the moment when we stop fighting it or moving it away from the mind to integrate it through a psychomagic act that helps us to wake up and do of life a lucid dream full of consciousness. It is not enough to understand the why of a conflict; we must act on it, give an impulse to the repetitive behavior that makes our existence difficult. This is how it was he created psychomagy, psycho-shamanism and, later on, psychroritism.

Psychomagia can also be explained from the equation discovered by Einstein (E = mc2) that quantified and allowed the form to be given atomic Energy. Psychomagy does the same with psychic energy: it is say that, through a metaphor, the conflict of the consultant who, before the act, is totally abstract to his brain, but when through precise symbols your brain perceives through the senses to their problematic outside, believing that everything is happening inside He can finally recognize it. Thus becoming a conscious actor of his own dream, can transit and mold the very material of his psychology. That is, the consultant can finally intervene in their conflict and some way to redirect it and transform it: give it a new outlet.

During the last thirty years Cristóbal has performed hundreds of acts psychomagical about himself (and advised thousands) experiencing how point with that practice, it was possible to solve so many difficulties psychological, genealogical, allowing the person living the act to re-align with your soul, life, the divine spirit.

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At the archaic level, the human being responds to an innate instinct to conserve the family, there are ghosts, morals, behavioral structures and ideologies that derive from the genealogical lineage.

Cristobal calls the previous systems of internal representation bodies inhibitors and liberating bodies. They materialize in our modus vivendi preventing our psychological growth, and contact with our true self One of Cristóbal's works consists of reinterpret the magical and superstitious supernatural world in the light of psychism, in a sense in which the ghosts, spirits, entities and Demons would be dimensions of our mind (codes of our memory). If we accept the new paradigm of the unification of matter, nothing enters in us and nothing comes out of us. Everything is generated by our own being.

Spirits are the intellectual inhibitory bodies, the ideas that we absorb in the family, like: "love does not exist", "money is dirty", "Sex is the devil", "women are idiots", et cetera, and that, in our present, limit the contact with our lucidity and genius.

Ghosts represent emotional inhibitions that invade the Being Essential and create a pattern of repetitive behavior, a paralysis existential that goes against universal laws. This behaviour repetitive can be literal, for example, when we are baptized with the name of a grandfather, "ordering" an identification with him; or subliminal: to be born on the same date as a deceased or, simply, a repetition may occur of tree behavior structures, which cause the grace in the heart.

Demons are sexual and creative inhibitions. They express themselves through drives or repressions that impede the natural creative expression of being and the contact with his innate strength.

Entities are spatial constraints that end up being metaphorized in the body (anorexia, bulimia, obesity, humps, deformities ...) When there is not enough space to develop in families with many children, when one is born without being desired, of the opposite sex to the expected one, et cetera, it is possible that the animal brain finds survival strategies that use an entity to join the clan. The Psychochamán identified to the unified dimension of your being develops the ability to be guided by that dimension, by that great divine spirit that allows you to strip, clean, unlock or / and realign the person with their authenticity, their soul, re-locating it on its way already stripped of unnecessary energy.

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For Carl Gustav Jung, archetypes are innate energies common to all human beings, which are transmitted through myths or appear to us in dreams, stories, legends, rituals and works of art.

They would be the organs of our psychological organism that, collaborating they allow our transformative alchemical process to take place. At Tarot, the archetypes can act as patterns of behavior when the Individual needs to solve an existential difficulty. The 78 arcana of Tarot are archetypes with infinite interpretations, where each one has a multitude of aspects. However, the drawing of the letter will be only one mask. It becomes the key that, if you know how to interpret it and integrate it, activate the allied dimension of the archetype.

For this, Cristóbal Jodorowsky uses the arcana of the Tarot as doors to contact universal energies itself. These doors, being activated, allow a profound change in the psyche, so that our soul be expressed in all freedom.

In ancient cultures there were "cuts" of gods that could basically be dimensions of our own mind. The work of Cristóbal with the Tarot consists in awakening the courts of gods or interior archetypes of each being, using the arcana as a therapeutic tool that allow us to get in touch with our inner world and observe our acquired patterns of behavior, in order to create an interior structure reference.

The Tarot allows us to interpret the human psyche and the different dimensions of our consciousness. Thanks to its symbolic nature, we can see reflected our deeper reality in the arcana, situation that will help us to focus reality from another angle, and integrate difficulties vitals, pain and pain more easily.

The Tarot can also be a spectacular representation of our inner family, a mirror of our intimate world that reflects our knots and genealogical burdens, conflicts or complex relationships with parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives of the present or the past. Likewise, it reflects our neurotic repetitions, the cycles in which we see ourselves trapped, the mechanisms by which we get sick ... All this, in a direction: the encounter with the deepest of our Essential Being.

Even though the Tarot is an instrument that communicates with the dimension unconscious. Cristobal thinks that when one chooses a letter it is the supra-conscious dimension (who knows everything) that chooses it in us for help us unveil what the ego is not always willing to see afraid to change the frame of reference and mutate.


The forces of repetition and creation in their endless dynamics drive us to the time to the repetition of the same and to yield to what we are authentically. Individuals, at the same time, can have their great-grandparents, grandparents and parents, a positive and a negative vision, thus converting each relative into a double entity: a luminous one and another dark one. Two energy fields that, despite opposing, are complementary In the present time, the spirit that materializes adjoins the matter that is spiritualized, the superconscious with the unconscious, the attempt to realize the future with the intent to repeat the past, the essential being with the socio-cultural being, the desire to create with the desire to imitate. To the study of the genealogical tree under its aspects simultaneous and complementary, treasure and trap, I have called it "Metagenealogy".

Metagenealogy is a method of analyzing the family tree that allows expand the vision of your psychic dimension. This makes us understand up what point do we think, feel, want or live, as well as our conflicts and diseases can be the result of a past family, social, historical or patriarchal educational waste.

The metagenealogy reveals a system of repetitions of dates, diseases, births, deaths, accidents and names. All these are maps that are traversed and transmitted from generation to generation until to us with the precision of a clock. We tend to identify ourselves and be faithful to our relatives, to such an extent that can be painful, paralyzing and self destructive.

At the same time, these characters - to whom we keep loyalty - imitated other figures of the past, forming a hereditary chain of prisons. To reveal the dynamics of the clan allows us to understand what inhibits inside us the possibility of living, creating, being and loving from the essential being.

On the other hand, it is fundamental to accept that everything is perfect and that genealogy is a perfect spiritual process in action, which never wrong, that has its laws and orders and that everything always has its reason be, although we do not always like it or we agree. One does not work for repair something that "should not" have been, but rather to accept it as It was and integrate it from the soul.

Very often, after a genealogical analysis Cristobal prepares a Psychic family or psychomagic constellation, where invites a group to dramatize the situations seen and re-align them with the current of the lifetime.

Psycochamanic Constelations

Psychochamánic constellations are the integration of the ritual Psychochamanic, psychomagic and metagenealogy within the constellation which is staged. This technique, powerful, was studied and experienced with people for more than twenty-five years of work through the investigation of family, genealogical and power dynamics of the metaphor in psychomagy, together with the experience of various trips in contact with the shamanic cultures where the ritual becomes a means of psychic-spiritual healing.

What, then, is a constellation? It is a technique that accepts the existence of a field, also called "morphogenetic field" or "family field of information" kept intact in time and space and that contains all the events of a family, the history of the cosmos and many mysteries plus. Through the staging of the constellation and the movements of the people who represent the various components of the family system and of life, with all its aspects, it is possible to access this field and reorder, realign with the flow of life, the soul and the great spirit. It's not just about respecting a technique or structure at the foot of the letter, if not to help deeply for that, this work is syncretic, Holistic, very open and inspired.

Once the consultant has exposed his subject, I lead the constellation following my intuitions and supported by the field that is formed. May l intervene, from time to time, proposing psycho-magic acts, live. A) Yes we experience the experience of a psycho-christian ritual acting through the use of symbolic objects.

These intense practices are developed with the help of a part of the group or with the whole group allowing us to become aware of our dynamics, free ourselves from conflicts and recover vital energy.

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I see the theater as a great ancestral source of personal growth and collective, where all the philosophies, the arts, the sciences, the psychology, therapy, shamanism and religions (in the sense of union with the divine field) meet to channel the same spirit with a same healing and transforming intention. Then, when I'm in scene consciously alive psychospiritual transformative processes universal, allowing the viewer (identified to me through your mirror neurons) live with me. This is how I try to put my ego "At the service" of the transpersonal and transmit images of sensations I live giving theatrical form to situations that live in all of us. The Psicoteatro is a space where positive energy is shared and healing, is a form of contemporary ritual done with love and a lot of humor so that people laughing can sweetly become aware and touch delicate and deep topics, without anguish. Being able to see oneself caricatured and laugh taking the stiffened aspects less seriously is a key to grow. In the Psicoteatro practices are done collective to release contained emotions, meditations, readings of tarot, psychomagic advice and what is being born at the moment creative. The Psicoteatro is an educational and fun evening that gives hope. It is an occasion to generate and "infect" healthy energy. He Psicoteatro is a creative space where people incorporate energy as gasoline for the expansion of the wider dimensions of being.

Finally, the Psicoteatro is the fruit of what I have sown through my process and personal work. It's where I allow myself to share everything I'm going learning and experimenting with the intention of helping us to live more full, integrated psychospiritually and present. It is my contribution to May this world heal and wake up every day more.

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Collective Psychomagic

Everything is interconnected, when an individual makes a transformative effort and progresses, that information immediately enters the psycho-field of the humanity and in some way positively affects the collective participating in its inevitable transformation process. That is, when a group of people is individually attuned to the broad fields of consciousness that move us, the collective activation of those dimensions from the personal, affects and elevates even more the vibration of each participant.

After years of experience gathering numerous groups in different parts of the world, relating Psychotherapies, Psychic, constellations, psychomagic, tarot and so much more, I have been able to verify and experience those paradigms I saw and felt, to what extent a group of people concentrated, by applying the same therapeutic and spiritual intention, they were infected each other positive energy, healing through that invisible plot:. So, when a person solved something publicly all and all we live that same healing.

Today with this new proposal of "Collective Psychology" that for me is, a form of contemporary ritual, performed with too much humor so that people can gently become aware, I have decided to use the tools that are at my disposal, so that together we can participate in process of evolution of humanity through our experience, proposing collective, individual exercises, meditations, therapies mutuals, tarot readings, dramatizations of the genealogical tree, psychomagia and many other experiences.

According to my vision, nowadays the transformation is also done collectively, in groups that work together like bees, dedicated to producing the consenting, transformative honey that we all need to move to this society.

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Initiative Trips

For several years Cristóbal Jodorowsky has been organizing trips throughout the world by finding traditional sources of shamanism and spirituality.

Participation in the rituals and trance sessions of the mediums in the initiation trips is for Cristóbal Jodorowsky a possibility of research on shamanism. This means that it is analyzed in the cults visited the whole phenomenology in order to reinterpret it to the light of the knowledge of psychotherapy and the paradigms of today. These initiatory groups focus on moving from the popular forms of spiritual and magical beliefs to psycho-shamanism, where they are left to a side the toxic and religious folk aspects to preserve the essence of psychic functioning. Thus, consciously and autonomously they are applied autonomously to the management of psychic potentials. In these rites, the forms of participation in the cult are respected with their language and liturgies, but this does not mean that the group feels identified with his cosmology and spiritual vision.

Over the last few years, these groups have toured the centers of Shamanic work in the favelas of the big cities, El Salto del Ángel in Venezuela, the sacred mountain of Sorte, (center of the cult to Mary Lionza), the jungles of the Orinoco, the Peruvian Andean mountain range, and a long etc. These initiatory travelers visited the Market of the Witches of Mexico City, Yucatan, the Lacandon jungles and Mayan sites; they participated in sacred ceremonies on Mount Tepozteco and experienced indigenous temazcales.

In these jobs, travelers can work day after day with shamans and healers of different spiritual traditions, integrating a vision holistic of the traditional cosmovisions of the American continent.

It also proposes a traveling Tarot seminar comprising a tour of natural settings chosen specifically to work in depth, guided the hand of Cristobal Jodorowsky, in practices and exercises introspective that allow us to have access in an experiential way, to the integration of each Arcane Tarot of Marseille, in the search for a wider study experience about its archetypal implications in our psyche Within the framework of the uniquely sumptuous Mayan landscapes in southeastern Mexico, a deep work of self-knowledge and an interior therapeutic work that offers us greater tools for reborn in fullness to larger dimensions of our being. In addition, traveling expeditions are a good occasion for work and psychomagic and Tarot consultations, generating a personal journey from the meditation and self-analysis up to the psycho-christian ritual.

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